UberventGo Nordic Experiences

UberventGo provides exclusive once-in-a-lifetime events.
We aspire to provide you and your team with a 3-in-1 complete event concept based on
Inspirational Learning of doing business in the Nordics
Memorable Insights to understand Nordic Culture and History
Fun Interactivities to celebrate together in the Nordics

Inspirational Learning

Green business is good business

Best practices of the #1 Global Sustainable and Digital Society
and understand how small is beautiful, successful, and green.
Meet Entrepreneurs shaping the future of Nordics.
Why does Scandinavia lead in Sustainable energy, Logistics, Robotics, Food, Life Science and Digitalization?
We think green business is good – and it can also be fun!

Memorable Insights

Weather sucks, but shouldn’t we do something outdoors?

Admittedly, the weather can be, let’s say, dreary in Scandinavia.
It inspires, it provides food and remains a huge playground all.
So, join an oyster safari! Sail in the Swedish archipelago!
Or Kayak in the middle of Copenhagen!
We can’t guarantee you won’t get wet,
but we can guarantee you lasting memories!

Fun Interactivities

A Nordic Journey Into Hedonistic Sustainability

Ever wondered what Vikings do on their day off?
We’ll take you skiing on the top of our capital’s zero-emissions waste treatment plant
and you’ll taste why Copenhagen has become the global premier foodie destination.
We’ll take you on a hedonistic journey of sustainability – Nordic Style.
You’ll get your own central urban island where you will be making a bonfire together with chef’s of new Nordic fame.
Here a swim in the ocean and the Nordic Way of Life is literally done between courses.